Frequently Asked Questions

You are not required by law to use the services of a Customs Broker. You are allowed to file your Entry on your own behalf. Unfortunately, though, U.S. Customs & Border Protection can not walk you through the entire entry process. They lack the manpower and resources to teach each individual or business how to complete the documentation. Most Importers do not know how to satisfy all of the entry requirements, so they hire a Customs Broker to act on their behalf to ensure that the Entry is filed in good order, and timely.

ROBERT F. BARNES CUSTOMS BROKERS provides a variety of services that will enable you to enjoy the swift and compliant filing of your Entries. You can rest assured that you are in good hands and thus allow you to focus on other needs within your organization, knowing that the Customs process is being handled by one of the best in the industry.

This is an excellent question that a Broker can assist you with. In addition to the Duty owed to Customs, we can help you to understand ALL of the expenses associated with your importation to include estimating your landed cost at your door. “How much duty” is a good question, but one of many questions that deserve to be answered in establishing your cost of doing business as an importer. Our consulting services will not only address this “Duty” question, but we will try to answer the questions that you are NOT asking, that are of significant importance to your operation.

In addition to the actual purchase price of your goods, the transportation cost of moving it may be your next largest fixed expense. You will definitely want to exercise some control of this major expense. We can assist by providing a program designed to meet your individual needs at very competitive prices. We can also explain your various options and the costs associated with them, to enable you to choose the best method of shipping to meet your needs.

We understand you may have more questions.

Importing to the United States can be a complicated process. Do you have more questions about how to import? Our Customs Brokers are available to answer any questions you may have and help you begin the process.

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