Estimating Import Landed Costs

Need to know the cost to import your products into the United States?

Our licensed Customs Brokers are experienced in estimating import landed costs.

Landed costs are the sum of all costs associated with a product — from the time the product is produced until the moment it’s in customers’ hands. This includes the price of acquiring the product, as well as taxes, insurance, currency conversion, and handling fees.

Occasionally, importers need to know costs per unit into warehouse immediately upon arrival of their shipment. If you calculate net landed cost to be too high, you could price customers out of purchasing your products. But if you estimate too low, you could hurt your profits.

Robert F. Barnes Customs Broker has nearly 70 years of experience estimating import landed costs and providing landed costs reports.

Estimating Import Landed Costs Robert F Barnes Customs Broker
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Customs Quote

Our licensed Customs Brokers will apply their considerable experience in providing you with a quote for your import landed costs. They know which fees and costs to include and can suggest alternatives to lowering your estimated landed costs.

Strategize Options

We can also discuss options that may help reduce your landed costs. Our Customs Brokers are skilled at looking at every situation and considering the best way to meet our clients’ needs.

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