Customs Brokerage

Let us help you get the process done right.

The process of importing products and goods into the U.S. is complicated and involves multiple agencies, forms, and associated fees.

A Customs Brokerage prepares the required documentation that meets all applicable laws, can determine and track duties and taxes payable, can represent clients during meetings with Customs officials, and can apply for duty refunds and tariff reclassifications.

We are a Customs Brokerage that you can rely on to efficiently handle the maze of Customs requirements for entry of goods, including alcohol (Tequila), fresh produce, fireworks, semiconductors, and so much more! Let’s talk about how we can help you import your goods or products.

Customs Brokerage Robert F Barnes Customs Brokers

Import Consultation

Before establishing an import program, or refining an existing one, meet with one of our licensed Customs Brokers to fully assess your needs. Our knowledgeable staff can make recommendations specific to your business and assist you in setting up a compliant import program, both in transportation and expedited delivery of your goods.

Electronic Customs Filing

We are an automated Customs Brokerage. By completing processes electronically, we can expedite the release of cargo, and permit the timely payment of customs duties.

Our Customs Brokerage can electronically conduct the following services:

  • ISF “10+2” submission
  • Selectivity processing
  • Customs entry summary (all types)
  • ACH payment processing
  • Extension requests
  • Protests
  • Customs rulings
  • Periodic Monthly Statement processing*

*For eligible importers, including submitting filings for other agencies (FDA, DOT, FCC, USDA, CPSC, and more).

Logistics Support

As a full-service Customs Brokerage, we offer a variety of services. Specifically, we can arrange:

  • Transportation across the U.S.
  • Freight consultation
  • Warehouse/Storage (including Foreign Trade Zone entry options)

With a network of connections around the globe, Robert F. Barnes Customs Broker can tailor an import program at a competitive price.

Remote Location Filing

We are fully automated and can easily interact with Customs and other government agencies in the digital environment. Our up-to-date software enables us to provide excellent and expeditious service. We are C-TPAT Certified and participate in the Remote Location Filing program, which allows us to clear shipments arriving anywhere in the U.S.

Remote Location Filing Icon for Ensuring Import Compliance