Obtaining Customs Bonds

Understanding the importance of custom bonds.

Customs Bonds prevent delays and are required on all commercial shipments valued over $2,500.

A Customs Bond guarantees that the US Customs & Border Protection (CBP) is paid immediately should other duties, penalties, or fees are assessed.

Speed up and simplify your supply chain by letting us obtain Customs bonds for your clearance activities.

Obtaining Customs Bonds Robert F Barnes Customs Broker
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Cargo Admissibility

Importers can incur serious penalties if proper releases are not obtained from the right agencies. Robert F. Barnes Customs Broker properly handles import clearances by identifying all agency requirements and securing proper release of your imported goods.


There are times when importers need to use different freight options or may need to store their goods before transportation. Robert F. Barnes Customs Brokerage can help identify solutions for your shipping needs.

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